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The Sand Pebbles - A Thousand Wild Flowers (2009) review

Anything I could tell you about The Sand Pebbles release “A Thousand Wild Flowers” would be an understatement ... so if you’re a fan of psychedelic progressive music then go out and get this album now.  Immediately.  "Go ahead, I’ll wait ... go."

Waiting ...

"See, I was right wasn’t I?"  They touch all of the bases, I was thinking about describing them as an Easy Listening Shoegazing Psychedelic Jam Band.  I only wish that this group, who hail from Melbourne, Australia, had been around during the 60’s as I danced my heart out with a head full of wishes ... but it’s alright, because I’m still dancing my heart out, and I have a better control over those wishes.  The sound is rich and full, they’ve taken the best of everything that’s designed to trip you out, hold your attention, and leave your mouth hanging open.  The songs never really end, they merely blend into each other, and that’s a pretty great feat considering this album draws its material from their other releases, convincingly causing me to question whether this was a live recording or not.  The album builds flows and ebbs, as they take you higher and higher, ‘till you’re face to face with yourself, understanding the simple beauty that makes up everything that causes us to smile.

It’s a rather long trip, with thirteen songs laced together by Dean Wareham [formally of Galaxie 500 and Luna], who’s understated hand guides this release, keeping it on track, and adding some sensational pop edges that allow the piece sparkle with delight.  There’s nothing heavy here, nothing going sideways ... it’s all designed to take your breath away.

But hey, who am I talking to, you’ve got the album right there, you already know all of this ...

Review made by Jenell Kesler / 2013
© Copyright / 2013

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