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Karma To Burn 1.2.2013 @KSET Zagreb & 2.2.2013 @Klub eMCe Velenje

Karma to Burn is a band from Hicksville, West Virginia comprising guitarist William Mecum, bassist Rich Mullins and drummer Nathan Limbaugh (later to be replaced by Rob Oswald for Wild Wonderful Purgatory and subsequent recordings). The band are noted for their uncompromising instrumental sound, echoing that of such desert rock bands as Kyuss and the Obsessed, although the band's preferred genre is somewhat dubiously entitled Malternative. The band unofficially disbanded sometime in mid 2002, with bassist Rich Mullin joining Speedealer and guitarist Will Mecum in a new band called Dragon Ass. (

In a May 2010 interview with Uber Rock, Daniel Davies commented on a planned merger between the bands Year Long Disaster and Karma To Burn:

"The bands are starting to kind of merge together. We wrote that song together and we liked it so we're thinking that maybe we should write some more songs together. I think that is where it's leading to now."
In June 2010, Year Long Disaster toured Europe with all three members of Karma To Burn as part of the band. The favour was returned on Karma To Burn's European summer tour, with Davies stepping in as an occasional guitarist (and, when needed, vocalist) for the band. Karma To Burn then announced it plans to record a swift follow-up to Appalachian Incantation with an album featuring several songs with vocals by Davies, to be released in 2011, further blurring the boundaries between it and Year Long Disaster. The speculation as to whether Davies had joined the band was confirmed by his inclusion in the band picture on K2B's website and, more solidly, by Rich Mullins himself in an interview with Rock Radio.

K2B headlined the J├Ągermeister stage at the UK leg of Sonisphere Festival 2010., and supported The Sword on their 2010 winter US tourand in Europe the following November.

The follow-up to Appalachian Incantation, V, was recorded in February 2011, at Dave Grohl's Studio 606, and includes Davies' vocals on three songs, although he has since started a project outside Karma to Burn and left the group, returning the band to a trio. V was released in June 2011, followed by more extensive touring of the USA and Europe. The band were also set to record a song for John Garcia's solo project, Garcia Vs. Garcia. On September 7, it was said via Twitter that Karma To Burn had finished recording 3 tracks with John Garcia, though for which projects was left unclear. (

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