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Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers (1969) review

"Volunteers" by The Jefferson Airplane marks the end of an era, and the Merry Prankster-ish cover indicates that the Airplane are looking for something else as well, and that something was a revolution in politics.  Internal problems were arising within the band at this time, or at least they were coming to a head.  But that didn’t stop The Airplane from making a fine record here.  This album is much more textured with guitars, and more conceptual in nature, as most of the songs blend from one into the other.  “Hey Fredrick” is a loving and very angry song which could easily be seen as a metaphor for the rioting that was going on in the streets during this time.  Yet there are very passionate songs like ‘Turn My Life Down,’ that seem to want to keep hope alive.

‘Blows Against The Empire’ will follow, bringing in a totally new possibility, but more of that there.  The body of work, from Surrealistic Pillow through Bark can not be avoided and should be seen in their proper context ... a journey through the landscape of America by those who would have something better rise from the ashes.

Enjoy my friends ... 'Go ride the music, go ride the music, go ride.'

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Review made by Jenell Kesler / 2013
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