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Canyonlands - The Tree Stood Up to the Lightning (2012) review

The Tree Stood Up To The Lightning is a remarkable neo-psychedelic EP filled with sonic droning, shifting analog distortion, tribal drumming, and hazy visionary lyrics that are seemingly beamed at you from the ether, out beyond the mesa chimneys, where the sun’s long orange fingers hypnotically dance across the low hanging clouds ... out where the sky meets the earth.

This is deserted desert music, music filled with heat and passion ... and why should it be otherwise [?], the band hails from deep within New Mexico, where the air’s still, the night sky’s filled with wonder, and trees older than time itself dance to the moon.  Canyonlands captures and distills the essence of this magic, then channel it across a landscape of the mind with a shimmering agility that captures your spirit and instills you with a primal knowledge before setting you free.

*** The CD is rather difficult to find and is presented as a handmade silkscreened sleeve of purple on a brownish-tan background, as opposed to the black and white downloadable version ... you're able to download the EP here.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2013
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