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Jackie Farrow - One Foot In The Graveyard (2012) Review

Jackie Farrow is what I would call underground artist. He is not just a musician, but also a writer and photographer. Apart from photography, he has been a writer for Foxy Digitalis and a music editor for Chasseur Magazine, also contributing words and interviewing artists for various blogs and magazines. On his own personal blog called 'Mystic Groove', focusing mostly on experimental contemporary art, he has been featuring short films, photography, graphic design, music and interviews. In the past years he released several releases, but “One Foot In The Graveyard” is his latest and most certainly the best. The album has a very dark underground atmosphere. It’s like a soundtrack for death-ride.  It’s really hard to tell what music genre is his music. Let’s say very dark electronic sound. The vocals are very mellow, which adds a lot to the whole atmosphere. The whole album is very hypnotic. The sound itself through whole album is like very modern, but still with “tribal” feel on it. When listening to it I always get an impression of word “underground”. The album was released back in September in a very limited edition of 50 copies on cassettes by Already Dead Tapes. I’m very interested what will be his next release. This one is currently a sell out. I hope the next one will be pressed in more quantities. If I would have just one sentence to describe “One Foot In The Graveyard” I would say:” It’s like walking in some “uber” underground club downstairs and seeing all the freak people around you smoking”.

Review made by Klemen Breznikar / 2012
© Copyright / 2012

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