Radar Men From the Moon interview with Tony & Glenn

November 24, 2012

Radar Men From the Moon interview with Tony & Glenn

Very fresh and Neu!, Can, Sonic Youth inspired band from Netherlands. They released two albums so far “Intergalactic Dada &
Space Trombones” and “Echo Forever”. This is an interview with their drummer and guitarist.
How does a band like you gets a name
‘Radar Men from the Moon’?

Tony: Well we actually just made a list of names
we thought were funny or cool. For a while we couldn’t really decide what name
to choose. But then suddenly we stumbled across this old sci-fi series called
“Radar men from the Moon”. And it was so cheesy we instantly fell in love with
You have two albums out and one from
your previous band called Boners Inc.
 Tell us about beginnings of your music
Tony: Titus (bass) and Tony (drums) played together since they were about 15
years old. And Glenn (guitar) joined Boners inc. when their guitar player left
due to drug related problems (yes at that age). So after a while we started
playing again with Glenn as our new member. But then suddenly our vocalist and
synth guy decided to quit due to musical differences and we were shocked to say
the least.
This is where RMFTM was born. We just
thought it would be a challenge to go on and write instrumental music without
anything limiting us. So we basically locked ourselves up for half a year and
by that time released our EP “intergalactic dada & space trombones”. And
now our new baby “Echo forever” is born.
Where can we buy your albums?
Tony: Both of  the releases are on CD, available
thru various web shops and of course directly from us. We are currently working
out a vinyl issue with a label, we’ll let you know when it’s due.

Tony: We like to think we got a lot of
influences. I mean, we obviously geek out on music and cool bands, just like
everyone else who likes good music. But if I had to name a few; Motorpsycho,
35007, Pink Floyd, A place to bury strangers, Sonic Youth, Can, HOLY FUCK,
Maserati and Neu!
Your albums have certain concept behind
it. Would you like to present us both of the albums?

Glenn: Well, our first record; “Intergalactic DaDa & Space Trombones”, was just us saying to the world: Hi
we are Radar Men From The Moon and this is what we do.
A collage I made became the artwork, and
the title “Intergalactic DaDa & Space Trombones” really made sense to me. Our
second record Echo Forever, sounds to me like wandering through a surrealistic
dream and has a more darker, monumental feeling to it. “Echo Forever” to me is
about the big everything and the big nothing.
But more I don’t want to say about the
records, I like it when people have their own interpretation of our music and
Concerts, touring?

Tony: Because we are students, it is hard for us
to get a big tour going. But we are really trying to do as much as we can. We
played Italy last summer and we went to London last weekend. Here are some
future gigs:
–             1
dec, Yellowstock winterfest, Geel (BE)
–             8
dec, Arrache-toi Un Oeil Paris (FR)
–             19
Jan, kavka antwerp (BE)
–             Feb,
Athens & Thessaloniki (GR)
–             31
May, Freak valley festival (GER)
Is there anything new in plan?

Tony: Yes, we have something special planned for
people who can’t attend our gigs because of the problem mentioned above and the
travel distances between gigs. We are going to hold a live stream studio
session on December 12th. Everyone can tune in online and be part of the show!
Keep an eye on our facebook page and our website when its up:
www.radarmenfromthemoon.nl (under construction right now).
What’s on your turntable right now?
–             A
live record by the punk/wave band Devo
–             The
Peel Sessions by The Birthday Party
–             The
new Moon Duo record; Circles
–             Holy
fuck – Latin
How do you see this ‘third wave’ of
psych explosion?

Glenn: Well, I like carrots but not when
you bake them.
Thanks for taking your time. Do you
have any messages to your fans and It’s Psychedelic Baby readers? 
Tony: Don’t
hesitate to contact us if you want us to play at your venue/neighborhood. We
really appreciate it when we get asked to play abroad. And keep an eye on our
twitter and facebook for updates about gigs and the live stream!
Interview made by Klemen
Breznikar / 2012
© Copyright
http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com / 2012
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