Mythos interview with Stephan Kaske

September 16, 2012

Mythos interview with Stephan Kaske


Hi Stephan, how are you? I’m really happy and excited we can talk about the music of your band – ‘Mythos’. First I would like to ask you about your childhood and teen years. What were some of the influences you had back then?
Mainly the radio stations of the English (BFBS) and American (AFN) soldiers stationed in former West-Berlin. From there I heard for the first time groups like The Animals, Pretty Things, Troggs, Iron Butterfly, Pink Floyd and some more outstanding, progressive Bands.
Were you in any bands before forming ‘Mythos’? Any releases?
Not really. You see, we’ve been schoolmates and formed the “Lovely People” during the last years of our education. The line-up changed a bit a few times, but approximately since 1968 the first Mythos crew has been complete.
Around 1969 you started the band alongside with Harald Weiße and Thomas Hildebrand. I would like to ask you what do you remember from the beginning of the band. Some memories perhaps about the first session you had together?
A million! Perhaps I should write a book about those legendary years?! Remember Woodstock, free love, the political and musical revolution…. Imagine: We performed more than 100 gigs in West-Berlin each year during 1968, 69 and 70! And from January 1970 on, there were our first tours outside from West-Berlin all over the former Federal Republic of Germany.
In 1972 you released your legendary debut album. I would like if you could share with me your memories about producing and recording your debut?

Thanks to our lots of successful concert tours we’ve been chosen as the opener at both days of the unique “Langelsheim Festival”, the German Woodstock; and fortunately the great music company OHR has been enthusiastic about our performances and signed us at once. Some months later they booked for us the famous Dierks Studios near Cologne. The “Mythos-1” has been released subsequently in spring ’72….- and re-released countless times more until today!
What can you tell me about the tracks? There are 2 tracks on A side. It starts off with ‘Mythoett’, then we have a very long, about 17 minutes ‘Oriental Journey’ / ‘Hero’s Death’. And on the B side is the fantastic ‘Encyclopedia Terrae’.  What are deeper meanings of them?
There were definitely deeper meanings; remember the lyrics in the spirit of those days dealing with science fiction, drugs, anti-war demos and the dreams and feelings of that generation. In the meantime however the world changed plenty of times and dramatically in directions nobody had expected back then.
I absolutely love artwork. What can you tell me about it?
You see, I’m a musician…- no less, but also no more. I hate the fact that it takes 98% of my time to manage the business, the promotion, the tours, the equipment, the vans, the internet sites – everything. That’s why I try to delegate at least the artwork and fotos of the albums to specialists. Graphic designers and the record companies in this case. To keep the poor rest of app. 2 percent of my time to compose and realize the music….
After the album was released in 1972 you kind of disbanded for three years. Then in 1975 you released another album, but with different line-up called ‘Dreamlab’. It’s really an amazing piece of space ‘kosmik’ rock! Would you like to share your thoughts about this release?

Actually the first lineup has been finished at the end of ’72. But within 6 months I chose new musicians and we’ve been on tour again with e.g. Thin Lizzy, Family, Colosseum, Ashton, Gardner & Dyke in ’73 and ’74. Also performing at lots of local German festivals. So OHR/Cosmic Couriers requested a next LP – the Dreamlab.
In 1978 you released another album called ‘Strange Guys’, which is again superb space rock album! A year later you released ‘Concrete City’ and then you released two a bit different albums called ‘Quasar’ and ‘Grand Prix’. Can you tell me something about this releases?

In 1977 I had to assemble a lineup again to continue the concert tours. Dieter Dierks, the producer of he first two albums, wanted us absolutely and so we went to Cologne again. Hence resulted the LPs 3 and in 1980 I finally has been fed up with band affairs, discussions and troubles and decided to go my very own way consequently. I soon got a contract at another famous label of that time: sky! Those 2 from that deal resulting LP’s were a big success and enabled me to found and build the Mythos Studio Berlin. And a success story started for more than 30 years up to today.
What happened next?
I stayed the “lucky dog” and got a contract at “Membran” resulting in more than 30(thirty!) albums of different styles and volumes in about 20 years….
‘Mythos Meditation’ and ‘M.A.S.S.’ are two of your solo projects, that I would like to know more about.

Part of my luck was Jürgen Jacobsen, the mastermind of “membran”. He knew very well, what he could sell and had an unbelievable feeling for upcoming themes and things. And he knew, that I would be ready to realize all those ideas reliably, high-class (as he said) and in appropriate time. Some of his ideas I realized have been: The Meditation series, The Modern Electronic Kamasutra, the E.A.Poe double album, the Mysteria SuperAudio 3CD or the 6 Classic CDs of the Plugged On series.
You also recorded a song called ‘Fukushima Sea’, which I really like. Would you like to present us your new project and maybe some plans for the future?
The Fukushima Song has become an important part of the MYTHOS PLANETARIA TOURS live program meanwhile. You know, I’m on tour again since 2009 in planetaria, churches, vernissages and open air events all over Germany. And soon, in autumn, there’ll be a brand new album released: The sequel of the “Surround Sound Offensive” album! Again with futuristic hightec sound and music – watch like a hawk and look forward to the new cd!
I would like to thank you for taking your time and effort for this interview. Would you like to add something else?
Thanks for YOUR time and interest; and please stay in touch via the MYTHOS sites:
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Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2012
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  1. Hans

    Ah - I remember seeing Mythos (supporting Nektar or MAN?) in my small hometown of Lüdenscheid when I was 14 or 15 :-)

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