Ironweed guitarist and Magnetic Eye Records owner Mike Vitali interview

May 9, 2012

Ironweed guitarist and Magnetic Eye Records owner Mike Vitali interview

Mike Vitali is a very interesting musician. His work can be found in many projects, including great stoner rock band called Ironweed, which recently released a fine looking vinyl. He also played in a band Ajna Chakra in the beginning of 90’s, then in GDFU and Love Kiss. His solo project, Carcinogenic Corpse is really interesting. He is also an owner of Magnetic Eye Records, that offer some very diverse but interesting releases. You can found out more about him in this following interview we made.
Hi Michael, how are you? I would like to do two part of interview. In first part I would like to ask you about your music carrier. You formed many different projects including Ajna Chakra, Ironweed, GDFU, Love Kiss, Carcinogenic Corpse. Would you like to tell us thru timeline. From the start till the last Ironweed LP, that you released?
Hello Klemen & Psychedelic Baby, first off, thank you & we at Magnetic Eye love the blog/zine’s work! Such a great eclectic mix of obscure gems & classics.
This is true that I’ve formed & be involved with numerous projects the past few years. Really Ajna Chakra was my main band during the 90s when I’d lived in Boston & after hundreds of gigs, a few 7″s, cassette releases & a catalog of nearly 100 songs & countless live & recorded improvisations later AC will stay a pre-digital phenomenon. The other 2 guys of that trio are so busy & accomplished that we’ve decided to leave that band be.
Ironweed was my 2007 follow up stonerrock band to Greatdayforup aka GDFU. GDFU had a nice 6 year run & enjoyed being signed with Curve of the Earth, Underdogma & Small Stone Records. Both GDFU & Ironweed had small successes with commercial placement on some MTV shows, Fuel TV, Charlie Sheenan’s final episode on CBS’s 2 1/2 men in addition to playing South by Southwest in 2005, 2007 & 2009 & numerous appearances at the CMJ festival along with a few tours. Most all my time in Ironweed & GDFU really kept me in the stonerrock genre which I really found to be a limitation.
In any case, the idea behind my newer bands & projects has really been to remove myself from that network & become more genre less. That’s the mission behind my new Carcinogenic Corpse, NYX, ARA & Love Kiss projects.
The quick & dirty run down is:
Carcinogenic Corpse – solo led project involving in person & remote collaborations for experimental/improvisational gorilla recording sessions for release at various stages – everything from demo sound stems to polished records. The CC style various from drone/doom to future pop-bubblegum hit making singles. It really depends on who is involved with the particular recording session.
NYX is a noise/stonerrock band/recording project likely to feature Ironweed/GDFU members & be accessible to past fans & folks that appreciate that style.
Love Kiss is another full band project, we’d release a 5 song EP Amplexus, those are the original 1st session demos. The hope is this “group” will be hitting the studio late 2012 if the drummer & singers own recording/touring schedules allow.
Ara is Claymation guitarist Baird Buchanan & myself doing very long, very minimal/ambient guitar soundscapes. Meditative & spacious. Expect an Ara vinyl full length released early 2013.
& finally, a quick word/update on Ironweed. Ironweed recorded Your World of Tomorrow back in 2010 as our epic anti-government follow up to Indian Ladder. Your World of Tomorrow came out as a beautiful 180gram gatefold Magnetic Eye LP release August 2011. We’ve just about sold out of our first pressing. Unfortunately right as the record released we’d lost the availability of the bassist so we’ve been on hiatus & all just kept busy with other projects. There’s been talk of a follow up….I think we’ll know one way or the other on this this summer.
What are you currently working on and what are some of the future plans for you?
Currently I am just keeping these projects moving forward & devoting more & more time to the label. The label is working with Akuma, Mental Chaos, Claymation & a few yet to be announced bands & we just continue to expand & grow our business partners & artist roster.
Me none schedule. Magnetic Eye bands, you bet. All the MER bands are readying their debuts so everything is yet to be announced. The touring aspect is set to really begin in 2013.
Well, the second part of the interview will be about your fairly new record company called Magnetic Eye Records. Tell me, how did you get the idea to form a record company. 
Was, because it’s easier for you to release your music, then to search other labels to get you signed up? 
Honestly, the entire reason was after fulfilling contractual obligations for Small Stone Records I’d really become committed to more diversity, more artistic freedom & a much bigger base & in turn reach with my music & friends/artist & musicians I admire. That’s what spawned Magnetic Eye.
You are releasing some really diverse stuff including Experimental, Improvisation, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Future Garage, Lo-fi/Sci-fi, Glitch Hop, Soundscape, etc….
Yes. The more diverse the longer it takes for a base of listeners to coalesce – that’s fine with us though. I really want to break down & lose the genre specific listener base. That’s just not reflective of the power of music’s potential nor the world as it changes. 
So what are some future releases we can expect?
Dallas Texas hip hop artist Mental Chaos, these guys have toured with Erykah Badu – they are so talented, Morelia Mexico rock/avant garde band Akuma & another ambient guitar record from the amazing artist Claymation. Those are all on deck along with a few negotiations for vinyl releases yet to be announced.

Thanks for your time. Would you like to send a message to It’s Psychedelic Baby readers?
Well, I hope everyone just stays positive & open minded. With all the technological explosions occurring & the easy with which everyone creates along with all the fear mongering for economic /political reasons I’d just encourage cooperation, expansion & love. There’s plenty of room & space for everyone to get noticed & make a contribution in a positive way. That’s how I am feel today. Thanks so much Klemen. Keep on!
Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2012
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