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For an estimated twenty thousand years, sock monkeys and humans have existed in a symbiotic relationship with each other.   This relationship began with the monkey’s favorite food, lint, which was produced in vast quantities in the prehistoric dryers of humans.  Lured by the lint, hungry sock monkeys began to wander into laundry rooms the world over.  Humans do not like lint, so they have encouraged the monkeys to stay.  Slowly, over thousands of years the monkeys have adapted to living in our homes.  The sock monkeys have lost their ability to hunt and can no longer live in the wild.  Their ferocious lint grabbing claws have now atrophied into plush little stumps, from generations of easy lint over eating.  In fact, today’s monkeys rarely even move, though a house with a monkey is almost entirely lint free.  Don’t expect to see your monkey wondering about, the monkeys are nocturnal, and small bits of lint found around them indicate that they are eating, healthy and content.  Love your monkey, allow them to nest in a warm shaded spot, but never never let them get into your sock drawer.

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