‘Kaleidescope Eyes’ by Bad Wires | New EP

Uncategorized July 3, 2024

‘Kaleidescope Eyes’ by Bad Wires | New EP

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Kaleidescope Eyes’ by Bad Wires, taken from their upcoming EP.

Bad Wires is an eccentric power trio that dabbles in punk, noise rock, prog, metal, general weirdness, and sheer volume, blending primal energy with technically proficient musicianship. Based in the fertile music scene of Louisville, KY, Bad Wires originated when bassist Corey Cottrell moved from Austin, TX, in 2016. Corey continued working on several songs he had begun for his previous band (Bellringer, fronted by Mark Deutrom of the Melvins) after resettling in Louisville.

After a chance meeting with dedicated and exploratory guitarist Conner Johnson, the original lineup was solidified in 2017, with the band’s debut in 2018. Bad Wires’ fifth, sixth, and seventh shows were in Austin during SXSW 2019, as the band aimed to make a name for itself on the road early on, and they returned to SXSW in 2022 and 2023.

Andy Cook joined as the band’s third drummer in late 2023, bringing immeasurable talents as a backing singer, songwriter, and experienced drummer.

In their short time as a band, Bad Wires has opened for Whores, Spotlights, Child Bite, Bongzilla, Human Impact, Wizard Rifle, Kyle Shutt (The Sword), Rifflord, and other heavy hitters, as well as playing Stoner Jam Fest twice. Despite two prolonged drummer hunts, a global pandemic, and injuries forcing periods of inactivity and rebuilding, the band feels like they are just getting started, always coming back stronger than before.

‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ is the sound of a band coming back to life. After losing their second drummer in 2022, Bad Wires entered a period of limited activity, beginning the arduous task of finding a suitable replacement. Following a year of trying out local drummers, using fill-ins for important dates (including a sold-out show opening for Bongzilla during SXSW 2023), and considering drummers internationally, Bad Wires had two promising candidates to try out in June 2023.

However, days before the tryouts, bassist Corey Cottrell fell off a ladder, shattering his left wrist. After an intense surgery to install a metal plate and ten screws, Corey had to wait another three months before fully picking up a bass again.

The next four months were spent bringing new drummer Andy Cook up to speed while using band practice as physical therapy for Corey. Bad Wires finally returned to the stage in February 2024, opening for Child Bite. To showcase the direction Andy Cook was helping take the band, they hit the studio in April 2024 to record ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes,’ a barn burner of an original, as well as their interpretation of Tears For Fears’ 1985 hit ‘Head Over Heels.’

With ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ about unrequited love from someone experiencing a psychotic break and ‘Head Over Heels’ about romance that “ends up going a bit perverse at the end” (Rory Orzabel of Tears For Fears), the two songs were a perfect thematic match and a vehicle to show the evolution of Bad Wires’ sound.

The ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ EP was engineered by Pat Hume and Sam Scholten at Hidden Room Studios, mixed and mastered by Ryan Boesch of Candor Studios, featuring Corey Cottrell on bass and vocals, Conner Johnson on guitar and vocals, Andy Cook on drums and vocals, with backup singers Freya Kicklighter, Brianna Hlava, Molly Cochran, Isaac Kicklighter, and Michael Kicklighter.

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