‘Siren’ by Fauna

Uncategorized June 14, 2024

‘Siren’ by Fauna

Fauna offers a captivating blend of organic, psychedelic sounds and dance-friendly rhythms.

Their music acts as a meditative ritual, enveloping listeners in entrancing beats. With a powerful, volcanic pulse, their sound drags you through a tangled forest of sonic thorns and bushes, distorting your sense of time and space in a mind-bending journey.

The Gothenburg-based nine-piece collective burst onto the scene with their debut singles ‘Animalisk’ and ‘Cirkel’ in early 2023.  Fauna’s debut showcased their ability to combine natural instrumentation with danceable beats, providing a thrilling introduction to their musical identity. Following their initial success, the band has been active, performing at festivals, clubs, and raves across Scandinavia, and continuing to release new music.

Today, we are thrilled to present their latest single, ‘Siren’ (feat. Fauna Buvat). This track represents a fresh evolution of their sound, featuring the French flutist Fauna Buvat. By day, Buvat works at the Gothenburg Opera, and by night, she explores the Gothenburg free cultural scene, experimenting with her instrument to discover new expressions.

“Siren” emerged naturally from the band’s year of intense live performances. Its downtempo, soothing vibe serves as a breather within their energetic sets. This single marks both an end and a beginning for Fauna, as they prepare to release more music throughout 2024 and 2025. Additionally, they are expanding their reach with upcoming shows in mainland Europe, including confirmed dates in Germany and Austria, a support slot for GOAT, and a prestigious performance at Gothenburg’s Dance & Theater Festival’s 30th-anniversary celebration.

Fauna Website / Facebook / Instagram / Bigcartel

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