‘Lo-Fi Goodbye’ by Frank Viele | New Album, ‘The Trouble With Desire’

Uncategorized June 14, 2024

‘Lo-Fi Goodbye’ by Frank Viele | New Album, ‘The Trouble With Desire’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Lo-Fi Goodbye’ by Connecticut-based singer-songwriter Frank Viele, taken from his upcoming album, ‘The Trouble With Desire,’ slated for release on February 7th, 2025.

Connecticut musician Frank Viele, reigning “Artist of The Year” at the New England Music Awards, has launched his own record label, Bigger Beast Records, dedicated to nurturing emerging songwriters.

To fund this venture and coincide with the release of his debut album, ‘The Trouble With Desire,’ recorded in Muscle Shoals, Viele sold his 1,911-piece Funko Pop collection amassed over 15 years of touring.

“While my Funko Pop collection held cherished memories, the challenges faced by independent artists inspired me to create a platform for collaboration and growth,” Viele shared.

Proceeds from the sale will support Bigger Beast Records and Viele’s album production. To further promote the new album, Viele has released a new track from the forthcoming LP, ‘Lo-Fi Goodbye,’ accompanied by a lyric video. According to Viele, the song “tells the story of a circumstantial breakup where the love strongly remains but life and unspoken self-doubt become a catalyst for a seemingly unexpected goodbye.” He added, “I wanted the song to sound like Led Zeppelin was recording a James Bond Theme Song.” The band’s powerful performance and haunting guitar riff perfectly capture this vision.

In 2023, Viele made history as Connecticut’s first New England Music Awards “Artist of The Year,” following in the footsteps of acclaimed artists.

‘The Trouble With Desire’ is currently available for pre-order on vinyl on Frank Viele’s official website. Everyone who buys the vinyl gets a download code sent to them immediately to download the record in full, including additional bonus tracks. The vinyl ships the end of July and will be available at live shows starting in August.

Frank Viele’s newest single, ‘Lo-Fi Goodbye’ is out now via all DSPs. His forthcoming full-length LP, arrives in February 7th, 2025!

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