‘As Real…’ by The Backlash

Uncategorized June 6, 2024

‘As Real…’ by The Backlash

Exclusive video premiere of ‘As Real…’ by The Backlash.

2023 undeniably marked a turning point for The Backlash with the unveiling of their album ‘Rise’ in February (Shore Dive / Dirty Beach Records) alongside a fresh lineup.

Francesco Luca’ and Alessio Gatto, the band’s founding members, now find their guitars and vocals perfectly intertwined with the rhythmic beats of Giuseppe Musto on drums (known as ‘il ragazzo del novantanove’ from Novanta) and the bass grooves of Corrado Carnevali (formerly of Stramonium, The Comet, The Rogues), who made his debut with the band during the Rise European tour in April/May.

Fueled by newfound passion, The Backlash is already deep into crafting new tracks, with ‘As Real…’ leading the charge.

‘As Real…’ preserves the signature shiny, guitar-driven indie rock of The Backlash while venturing into realms of shoegaze and vintage psychedelia. Enriched by lush vocal harmonies and a raw, direct sound, the band’s ethos is to create music that’s entirely true to their vision, irrespective of trends in the indie underground scene.

Lyrically, ‘As Real…’ taps into the intangible, exploring emotions that transcend physicality—be it the euphoria or dread evoked by songs, personal connections, or even the undead, as portrayed in the accompanying video clip edited by Giuseppe Musto, drawing from Romero’s cult classics like Night of the Living Dead.

Recorded and mixed at Right Bright Side Studio (Milan), ‘As Real…’ was mastered in London by James Aparicio, sealing its sonic excellence.

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