‘Catastrophette’ by Stumbleine | New Album, ‘Deleted Scene’

Uncategorized May 23, 2024

‘Catastrophette’ by Stumbleine | New Album, ‘Deleted Scene’

UK producer Stumbleine introduces ‘Catastrophette,’ the third single extracted from his forthcoming 8th album, ‘Deleted Scene,’ slated for release on June 14 through Monotreme Records.

In ‘Catastrophette,’ the concluding track of the album, Stumbleine weaves a captivating and emotive sonic tapestry, reminiscent of the memories evoked throughout ‘Deleted Scene.’ R&B vocals peek through a lush blend of guitar and strings, punctuated by ethereal spoken-word passages.

Under the moniker Stumbleine, Peter Cooper, rooted in the UK post-rock scene, began merging slow, dreamy pop with fragmented lo-fi beats in 2012. Melancholic R&B vocals drift atop submerged guitar melodies, while sandblasted samples mingle with fractured beats, crafting music imbued with a tender, nostalgic essence. Stumbleine’s hallmark DIY approach sees him releasing music directly to his audience or through the indie label Monotreme Records.

Photo by Charlotte Cooper

‘Deleted Scene’ will debut digitally on June 14th, alongside a CD version featuring a vibrant slipcase cover, and a limited vinyl edition of 300 copies on 180g white vinyl, available for pre-order here.

Stumbleine Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp
Monotreme Records Official Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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