‘Patience (Part I-II)’ by Ogives | Live Session

Uncategorized April 22, 2024

‘Patience (Part I-II)’ by Ogives | Live Session

A year after their critically acclaimed debut album ‘La Mémoire des Orages’ (The Memory of Storms), the Belgian nine-member ensemble Ogives has released a 12-minute live session recorded at a historic site in Brussels.

The track ‘Patience (Part I-II)’ serves as the opening to their debut album, which was mixed by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio Studios and released via Sub Rosa. As part of the album’s central trilogy, the song offers a poetic journey into the theme of time. It showcases the band’s richly diverse style, which combines polyphonic vocals inspired by ancient sacred music, contemporary electronic textures, heavy guitar riffs, and complex double-drum rhythms. Ogives’ sound navigates the boundaries between contemporary sacred, chamber-prog, and post-rock-in-opposition genres.

Ogives is a bold musical project that explores the crossroads of various genres. Led by composer and musician Pavel Tchikov, along with drummer Alexis Van Doosselaere, this expansive ensemble creates a unique soundscape, akin to a sonic cathedral, built on rock, sacred, and classical foundations. Based in Belgium, Ogives crafts a distinctive and intense musical experience, featuring layers of melodious, polyphonic, shouted, or lyrical vocals.

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‘La M​é​moire des Orages’ by Ogives | Album Premiere

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