‘Nothing Can Live Here’ by The Sonic Dawn | New Album, ‘Phantom’

Uncategorized April 23, 2024

‘Nothing Can Live Here’ by The Sonic Dawn | New Album, ‘Phantom’

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Nothing Can Live Here’ by The Sonic Dawn, taken from their upcoming album, ‘Phantom,’ set for release on May 10, 2024, via Heavy Psych Sounds.

The Sonic Dawn’s fifth album, ‘Phantom,’ is a freaky trip into the acid-rock abyss, unfolding as a journey through ten soulful tracks that capture the impressions of a world gone mad. This time, the Danish trio takes a different turn from their earlier work, diving into a more organic and wide-ranging sound. The band’s musical palette now melds acid rock, blues, prog, and folk, creating a beautifully dark-themed piece of music.

The addition of Erik Petersson on organ and keys brings a new layer to the band’s sound, amplifying their signature melodic psychedelia. On top of it all, vocalist Emil Bureau’s delicate croon effortlessly weaves moments of sonic grace into the mix. The Sonic Dawn’s latest offering doesn’t just give you a glimpse into a world on the edge; it pulls you into its twisted embrace, where the music tells a story of beauty within chaos.

Emil Bureau, the band’s singer and guitarist, describes it like this: “Every song, line, and solo is delivered with intention and intensity. I hope people will receive it as we intend it. That is, as real acid rock from a band with a message.” And boy, does it hit home. This isn’t just music; it’s a call to action, a plea to face the dark reality and hold onto hope, however slim.

About the premiere of ‘Nothing Can Live Here’: “The song takes listeners on a journey through eerie contrasts. Tranquil verses blur the lines between heaven and hell before the first chorus opens a door that won’t close again. And then it kicks in… A psychedelic climax paints a vivid portrait of a world where only decay thrives. Similar to the sinking of the Titanic, the band just keeps on keeping on. Humankind has a future – if we want one. That theme ties many tracks on the album.”

“Phantom” is set to drop on May 10, 2024, via Heavy Psych Sounds, and it’s available on LP, CD, and digital formats. If you’re looking for an album that dares to go beyond the psych-rock sphere, this is the one to grab.

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