‘Lies’ by The Janitors | New Album, ‘An Error Has Occurred’

Uncategorized April 23, 2024

‘Lies’ by The Janitors | New Album, ‘An Error Has Occurred’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Lies’ by The Janitors, taken from the upcoming album, ‘An Error Has Occurred,’ out May 24, 2024 via Rocket Recordings.

The Janitors’ new album, ‘An Error Has Occurred,’ is a raw exploration of angst, anger, and resilience in a world that feels increasingly unstable. This unsettling theme runs through the album’s powerful soundscapes, where haunting melodies and heavy rhythms evoke a sense of dystopian rebellion. A standout track, ‘Lies,’ combines visceral guitar riffs with driving percussion, capturing the spirit of confronting uncomfortable truths in modern society. 

Premiering today, ‘Lies’ demonstrates The Janitors’ ability to channel their frustrations into potent, high-energy music that speaks to the disenchanted and disillusioned.

Regarding ‘Lies,’ The Janitors explain, “We got asked a few times about this song if it’s a specific lie or a set of lies. And it’s a bit of a double-edged sword, this song. It’s about lies by a specific person or the lying fat scumbags in power—your choice. Most songs on the album have that duality. It’s a pretty classic Janitors song. The one riff that just keeps going, and the old quiet/loud dynamic that we love from the Pixies and others.” This kind of intense, cathartic energy resonates throughout the album, inviting listeners to explore the double meanings in their lyrics and the tension between personal and political themes.

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