‘Arms Of The Sea’ by Brazen | New Album, ‘Distance’

Uncategorized April 19, 2024

‘Arms Of The Sea’ by Brazen | New Album, ‘Distance’

Brazen, hailing from Geneva, Switzerland, makes a striking return after a prolonged absence with their latest single, ‘Arms Of The Sea’.

Infusing their distinctive blend of indie-rock with progressive songwriting and dark modulations, the band rejuvenates their sound with a fresh infusion of harmonic complexity and emotional depth.

Presented as a grand tapestry, ‘Arms Of The Sea’ stands as the lead single from their upcoming album ‘Distance,’ set for release on June 14, 2024, via Re-Echo Records with distribution by Irascible. This epic anthem serves as a poignant protest against the indifferent attitude towards the tragic fate of thousands who drowned in the Mediterranean due to Europe’s closed borders.

The song commences with tension-filled chords floating atop an arpeggio foundation, gradually building towards a crescendo. It reaches its pinnacle of intensity during a liberating chorus, concluding with a poignant and enigmatic instrumental finale.

You can listen to and share Brazen’s latest single, ‘Arms Of The Sea,’ by streaming it through this link.

Brazen Official Website / Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp / YouTube
Irascible Distribution Official Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Bandcamp

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