‘Red Sun of a Moonless Morning’ by Raoul Eden | New Album, ‘Incarnation’

Uncategorized March 25, 2024

‘Red Sun of a Moonless Morning’ by Raoul Eden | New Album, ‘Incarnation’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Red Sun of a Moonless Morning’ by Raoul Eden, taken from his upcoming album, ‘Incarnation,’ out March 31, 2024.

‘Incarnation’ album is an instrumental odyssey that brings forth the voices of 6 and 12 string guitars, lap steel dobro, guembri, and modular drones, creating a rich tapestry of sound. Within its tracks, there is a dialogue between strongly written compositions and languorous improvisational passages.

Recorded amidst the crackling of the hearth, amidst the chill of the French Massif Central’s heights, ‘Incarnation’ invites listeners to perceive the cosmic forces at play – in the amplified rustle of the fire, one can discern the enigmatic orchestrations of fate, alternately aiding and dooming without apparent human rationale.

This album is conducive to introspection and meditation, as ‘Incarnation’ weaves tales of both terrifying ecstasies and serene despair experienced by the soul as it traverses austere landscapes of the mind.

A solitary figure embarks on a journey, transitioning from the weighty silence of snow-covered landscapes to the tranquil embrace of a desert lake. In this symbolic pilgrimage, the tumultuous waters of the soul must rage before finding serenity. Navigating through a forest of allegorical symbols, the traveler confronts merchants, wars, desires, and the absurd, until only light and music remain.

Here, the visionary psychedelia of Jodorowsky converges with Tarkovsky’s surreal austerity, as they traverse beneath the “Red Sun of a Moonless Morning”.

Raoul Eden, akin to the spirit of John Fahey, Robbie Basho, Jack Rose, and Daniel Bachman, is an instrumental guitarist whose music resonates with echoes of oriental melodies, Indian raga, and classical lyricism, all while retaining a foundation in dark, primitive psychedelic blues. His compositions weave repetitive and ecstatic structures alongside luminous melodies and quasi-improvised free forms, guiding listeners on an inner journey that transcends reality itself.

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