‘No Guitar (Deluxe Edition)’ by Curling | Album Premiere

Uncategorized February 28, 2024

‘No Guitar (Deluxe Edition)’ by Curling | Album Premiere

Exclusive album premiere of ‘No Guitar (Deluxe Edition)’ by Curling, out March 1, 2024 via Royal Oakie Records.

Curling’s third album, ‘No Guitar,’ represents their most fully realized work yet—a lush and intricate collection spanning various genres, from the bittersweet jangle of power-pop to indie-folk, Midwestern emo, and beyond. The album marks the latest evolution for cross-continental duo Bernie Gelman and Joseph Brandel, who first met in high school and have been fusing their unique musical sensibilities ever since. Gelman operates out of the San Francisco Bay Area, while Brandel currently resides in Japan.

While perusing an online message board, Gelman discovered drummer Kynwyn Sterling from Portland, OR, and reached out to her. Soon thereafter, Brandel and Gelman joined Sterling in Portland, where their creativity flourished, resulting in four new songs. These sessions with engineer Ian Pellici at Brothers Chinese Recording in Oakland, CA, marked the beginning of many fruitful collaborations.

Royal Oakie Records proudly releases the ‘No Guitar (Deluxe Edition),’ featuring the original album along with two instrumental bonus tracks from the ‘No Guitar’ sessions—’Cavalry’ and ‘C2,’ both featuring transitional drummer Kevin Stewart. Mixed and mastered by David Glasebrook, these bonus tracks enhance the album’s depth and stylistic range.

The album title, ‘No Guitar,’ initially intended to signal a departure from guitars in their music, but Gelman admits they couldn’t resist picking them up again. Additionally, the title holds significance in Japanese, where “no” functions similarly to the possessive in English. Gelman explains, “‘Curling No Guitar’ literally translates to ‘Curling’s Guitar,’ while ‘No Guitar’ also references my father’s command regarding my after-hours music-making in adolescence.”

Musically, the album showcases diverse influences, from the shoegaze walls of Hi-Elixir to the sweet-and-sour bite of Patience and the guitar tapestry of URDoM. The pandemic hiatus posed challenges, but the duo overcame personal struggles and strengthened their collaboration, leading to a more comfortable and creative partnership.

‘No Guitar’ concludes with a wordless tangle of electronics, hinting at the band’s future amidst perpetual uncertainties, yet promising an exciting new chapter for Curling.

Curling – US Tour Dates – March 2024
03/01 – Tamper Room – Fremont, CA
03/02 – Gay Gardens Homestead – Sacramento, CA
03/03 – Neck of the Woods – San Francisco, CA
03/10 – No Fun – Portland, OR

Curling Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Bandcamp
Royal Oakie Records Official Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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