Stella Burns Releases ‘Love and Thunder’

Uncategorized December 4, 2023

Stella Burns Releases ‘Love and Thunder’

Stella Burns is a musician, self-taught multi-instrumentalist, composer, and singer, as well as a graphic designer and videomaker, formerly a member of the band Hollowblue.

He began his solo project in 2011, and has since published two albums. His music walks a narrow line between low-fi Morricone, visceral folk, and a 1950s-era fantasy world, providing an intimate and personal experience. Stella Burns made a reappearance in the spring of 2023, after a lengthy sabbatical from recording, with an EP of David Bowie covers titled ‘I’m deranged’.

The new single ‘Love and Thunder’ is the second teaser from his upcoming full-length album, ‘Long Walks in the Dark,’ which is set to be released in early 2024. The first single, ‘My Heart is a Jungle,’ a duet with Mick Harvey, was published this summer and resulted from the merger of two Stella Burns songs composed in 2019.

On the other hand, the new single was written during the time of his first album and has since become a staple at Stella Burns’ concerts, although it’s only being released now. ‘Love and Thunder’ is a love song that immerses us in a Western setting. Sergio Carlini from the Bologna-based band Three Second Kiss makes a guest appearance on one of the electric guitars.

Headline photo: Dania Gennai

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