‘Solar Lodge’ by Locrian | EP Premiere

Uncategorized December 1, 2023

‘Solar Lodge’ by Locrian | EP Premiere

Exclusive EP premiere of ‘Solar Lodge’ by Locrian, out via Profound Lore Records.

Incorporating drums, guitar, synthesizer, vocals, and electronics, Locrian produce some of the most unique and unsettling heavy music today. And the newest ‘Solar Lodge’ EP is another proof of that. The EP consists of Locrian’s reimagination of Coil’s classic, “Solar Lodge” along with remixes of Locrian’s version of the track by Paul Riedl (Blood Incantation), TV Crimes (from Dome, a member of Fulci), and Jonathan Canady (Deathpile). Check it out below, along with the EP’s tracklist and cover art.

“In 2022, we started looking back to the roots of our project, specifically our mutual interest in experimental, avant-garde, and ambient music.” – explains André Foisy. “This examination of our foundation as a group led us back to our shared respect for Coil in how they expanded sonic boundaries and explored unconventional themes. From 2014 through the last time we played live in 2016, we closed our live sets with a cover version of “Solar Lodge.” Last year, we recorded our take on that track, a song that alludes to the Coil’s interest in exploring hidden dimensions of consciousness.”

Complementing the musical part, the band invited Elijah Burgher to create the artwork for ‘Solar Lodge’ EP. Burgher, an artist who works at the crossroads of representation and language, figuration and abstraction, and the real and imagined. All of his works, whether figurative and representational or symbol-based and abstract, merge personal narrative with magic, the occult, and queer aesthetics.

Headline photo: Elena Volkova

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