‘Collision’ by Mr. Bison | New Album, ‘Echoes From The Universe’

Uncategorized December 21, 2023

‘Collision’ by Mr. Bison | New Album, ‘Echoes From The Universe’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Collision’ by Mr. Bison, taken from their upcoming album, ‘Echoes From The Universe,’ out February 16th via Heavy Psych Sounds.

‘Echoes From The Universe’ invites the listener to a prismatic voyage that explores the notion of freedom and destiny through Norse mythology and weaves together a majestic sonic tapestry brimming with liquid riffs, graceful psychedelia, progressive grandeur and vibrant vocals. A modern and fulfilling space trip that should please fans of the likes of Pink Floyd, King Buffalo, Howling Giant, Weedpecker and beyond.

‘Echoes from the Universe’ is an attempt, as human and temporal beings, to escape the idea of an alleged destiny predetermination by managing to build one’s own individual life path through will power.

The concept of the album is based on the of the Norse Norns myth, who weave the threads of universal destiny on a tapestry, in which all existence, in a continuous mix of past, present and future, intersect and influence each other, thereby generating a kaleidoscopic vortex of infinite and unpredictable possibilities. For this reason, we have used them as a symbol of freedom of choice, which never excludes but indeed implies, the element of chance. The artwork, interpreted by the artist Django Nokes, reflects the concept of the album perfectly.

‘Echoes from the Universe’ is an evocative soundscapes trip and fresh breeze of groovy beats and psychedelia swaying between sweet moments and massive progressive deliriums.

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