‘The Infinite Mirror’ by Ritual King | Album Premiere

Uncategorized November 15, 2023

‘The Infinite Mirror’ by Ritual King | Album Premiere

Exclusive album premiere of ‘The Infinite Mirror’ by Ritual King, out November 17th via Ripple Music.

From the enigmatic corridors of Manchester’s stoner rock scene emerges Ritual King’s latest magnum opus, ‘The Infinite Mirror’. A journey that transcends the traditional boundaries of stoner psych rock, this album is a testament to the trio’s ability to tread new sonic territories. While their signature heavy blues riffs and intoxicating rhythms are very much present, they’re complemented by expansive, atmospheric passages that transport listeners to otherworldly realms.

From the hypnotic realm of ‘Flow State’ to the expansive soundscape of the title track ‘The Infinite Mirror,’ the album boasts a sonic palette that’s as diverse as it is mesmerizing. 

Since their inception, the band has consistently pushed the boundaries of their genre, weaving intricate tales both musically and lyrically, and taking listeners on a kaleidoscopic journey of sound. Formed in the vibrant heart of Manchester’s underground metal scene in 2016, the members of Ritual King came together with a shared desire to create something that defied easy categorization. Each member brought their unique influences to the table: from classic hard rock to the otherworldly echoes of progressive psych, elements of folk, and the gritty underpinnings of stoner rock. The result is a heady mix that’s as meditative as it is mosh-worthy.

Pre-order ‘The Infinite Mirror’ by Ritual King here.

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