Ignatz | Interview | New EP, ‘The Cure’

Uncategorized November 15, 2023

Ignatz | Interview | New EP, ‘The Cure’

Sleep less, that’s how Belgian psych folk guitar player Bram Devens deals with suburban life these days, which results in an EP on KRUT about The Cure.

Ambling lo-fi bluesy folk gets somehow more wistful than itself like a scrapbook of past lives. Throwbacks of hypnotic tearjerker guitars, ghost keys and more disembodied vocals than ever, for our Ignatz leaves flesh to become pure essence.

“Sleep less”

How are you doing?

Last few years have not been the best but we plow through it. I set up a small home studio which allows me to record immediately instead of having to set up equipment for half an hour and doing mic checks et cetera.

How do you combine making music with a day job? I remember Richard Youngs said that combining music with a day job forced him to be more concentrated and focused.

Time management is hard but I found the secret: sleep less. Of course you are tired all the time but at least you can get some recordings done.

Is this release on KRUT your first digital release?

I did a digital only release for Cafe OTO, a recording of a live show for Ateliers Claus. But KRUT is all new material. The EP is called ‘The Cure,’ it is about the band The Cure.

I like The Cure. I like that there’s no evolution in Robert Smith’s music. Even though he’s a father of five, when he picks up his guitar, he becomes a 14 year old shy and insecure teenager again. That’s why he will always be relevant for teenagers, there will always be 14 olds who recognise the feeling of being lost in a forest, alone and scared.

My relationship with The Cure started because of my older brother, he is a huge fan. So of course, as a 14 year old, to differentiate myself, I would refuse to listen to The Cure, or anything surrounding, basically al music from the UK. Despite me refusing to engage, I had to listen to The Cure a lot, in the car on trips, in the living room, coming from my brother’s room, et cetera. The first thing I learned to play on my guitar was the solo from ’10:15 Saturday Night’.

What’s the last record you bought?

The last record I bought was Kenny Rogers at Circulair Belevingscentrum.

Did you give Venediktos Tempelboom already a listen?

Yes, I invited Venediktos to play above a bakery in Landen, but I saw it turned into a tattoo shop.

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