‘Ponder This’ by Rok Ali and The Addiction | Interview

Uncategorized October 10, 2023

‘Ponder This’ by Rok Ali and The Addiction | Interview

Alison Krebs, known as Rok Ali, ignited her musical journey in the embrace of the sacred music community, while simultaneously being captivated by the burgeoning emergence of rock & roll, as orchestrated by her older siblings.

The allure of rock’s sound captured her heart, sparking a lifelong love affair. Yet, the path she walked was marred by the shadows of addiction, a tempest that veiled her spiritual and musical pursuits. Alison’s voice is now accompanied by a renewed passion – her addiction to music.

Emerging from the darkness, she has now ascended to the forefront of Rok Ali and The Addiction, a formidable hard rock collective composed of remarkable musicians. At the heart of this resurgence stands Chris Nix, a guitar virtuoso who saw his early years jamming with luminaries from James Brown’s band in a jazz club setting. His journey led him to perform, tour, and record with names like Jo Dee Messina, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tonic, and a five-year partnership with Jonathan Davis of Korn.

Bassist Lee Beverly spent nearly two decades backing the legendary Eddie Money. Lee’s bass became a foundation for legends like Mickey Thomas, Lou Gramm, and others. Kevin Murphy, the rhythmic heartbeat of the band on drums, is a name that resonates with musicians and fans alike. Sharing stages with a diverse range of genres and artists, from Tonic to Daughtry, his drumming prowess is an auditory spectacle.

Together they form Rok Ali and The Addiction – a seamless blend of sophistication and darkness, their sound resonates with complexity and surprise, a true testament to their creative prowess.

In the wake of their monumental self-titled debut album’s success in 2022, Rok Ali and The Addiction return in 2023 with a resounding promise – with a brand new album already in the making. ‘Ponder This’ serves as the first installment, a hard-hitting heavy-rock marvel. From the onset, Rok Ali’s vocal prowess and charisma shine, embodying the essence of rock’s greatest personalities. Sonically, the track catapults listeners into the golden era of 90s rock, conjuring echoes of iconic bands like The Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails.

As time marches on, the reverberations of that era persist, a testament to the eternal spirit of rock. ‘Ponder This’ exemplifies this truth, encompassing luscious guitar licks, infectious melodies, and a dynamic structure that dances on the edge of change. The chemistry between this formidable quartet ignites a sonic blaze, each element amplifying the others in a symphony of rock-infused power.

‘Ponder This’ is available on all streaming platforms now. And now for their exclusive interview with Psychedelic Baby Mag!

“We would love to be a part of ushering in a new era of rock…”

Congrats on the release of your single, ‘Ponder This’! How has the reception been?

Thank you so very much!! We are thrilled at how much people like and love this song – how much they are able to hear in it. There is so much great great rock music out there, we appreciate the time people have taken to listen and respond to us with such gorgeous words and insight.

‘Ponder This’ is featured on your upcoming album. How will the next album differ from your debut album?

After the first album we decided to only write music within the band and after two years together the band had developed its signature sound. Our band is full of accomplished songwriters however Chris Nix our guitar player is our primary songwriter as well as our producer… He is gifted beyond words and rare in all of these areas.

You mentioned that ‘Ponder This’ serves as an anthem for those who wait. May you please go into more detail regarding this?

Thank you for picking up on what we think is one of the most beautiful sentences that has ever been written about this song. The song is a proclamation that there is the most wonderful answer to what everyone searches for. It’s a lot to think about and exciting that it is achievable. So often we hear there is an answer and we hope that it’s true and worth all the struggle and pain and work and this song can be a promise and a relief to those who question if it’s possible.

We would love to be a part of ushering in a new era of rock…

What role would you say Rock music plays in today’s musical landscape?

Rock music!!!! It is fascinating what each person thinks when they hear those two words. What it invokes in their mind and spirit. Rok Ali has said “Everybody loves rock music, they just don’t always know it. Since we are in Nashville, I spend a lot of time around people of all ages and genres. When I see their faces change to joy and energy ignite in them I remember in what a powerful way rock music can carry messages and answers and relief. I think people hunger for that freedom and joyousness and we see that all over the world. When the world matures a bit as I think is coming – rock music will be a key help to people.”

What can we expect from the group in the new year?

We have three constants – we are always writing, recording and rehearsing. Next year we are going out into this marvelous world and meeting everyone and doing a lot of shows.

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