BMX Bandits – Music For The Film “Dreaded Light” (2023)

Uncategorized September 5, 2023

BMX Bandits – Music For The Film “Dreaded Light” (2023)

For some it will probably come as a huge surprise to learn that this remarkable piece of work has been made by BMX Bandits, the Glasgow-based group who are more renowned for what was, and still is their singular, though largely indie-rock and pop defined stylings for which they’ve been concocting for many many years now.

However, for BMX Bandits leader, mainstay and general lynchpin Duglas T Stewart the passion for such strongly affecting music goes right back to the early years which preceded his group’s inception. ‘The Dreaded Light’ soundtrack score was written and performed by Duglas, in tandem with multi-instrumentalist Andrew Pattie who has also been part of the BMX Bandits crew for the last few years, mainly in a guitar playing role.

Most important to note, however, is just how totally real and alive a lot of these sounds are; not to mention that the whole collection sounds like it’s just the most natural thing in the world for the BMX Bandits to be doing.!What is also key here is that they both worked closely with the film’s director, Mark MacNicol, and together have produced this wonderful convergence of sounds; the score portrays a wide range and variety of moods and feelings which have been successfully captured throughout; apprehension, suspense, joy, terror and elation all flow through the grooves and are particularly pertinent on such tracks as ‘Kettle O’ Worms,’ ‘Urination Jazz,’ ‘Twist the Knife’ and the poignant ‘Long Forgotten Summers,’ while a winsome, nostalgic reverie, such as played out on ‘Spinning Through Time’ – with violin played by German Dimitriev – will be sure to leave listeners breathless, and desiring to hear it all over again.

Lenny Helsing

BMX Bandits – Music For The Film “Dreaded Light” (Tapete Records, 2023)

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