black sand – ‘Fragments of Time’ (2023)

Uncategorized September 18, 2023

black sand – ‘Fragments of Time’ (2023)

The new Black Sand release, ‘Fragments of Time’ is just that, swirling leftover numbers from previous outings, giving rise to a smile, as I’ve been looking back over my own life as of late, wondering if I’ve actually been as supernatural as I’ve always believed I was.

But I digress, when considering this outing, all of the songs sound fresh and wondrous, opening themselves like a field of flowers, enticing me to fall in love with the work of Anthony Evans all over again; simply ponder ‘This is the Light,’ a surprising hypnotic swaggering track that causes me to question why it never managed to find a home on a formal album.

The entire collection goes down easy, comprised of low-keyed evenhanded psychedelic hypnotic bliss, timeless emancipation and visionary couch-bound delights. Again, if you possess the ability to listen with patience and open ears, you’ll hear Anthony’s influences walking about like old friends, yet as always, Black Sand never sound beholding to those influences, merely acknowledging them with a broad smile; slide on over and let ‘Into the Sun’ shimmer all around you, as the number dances to toe with the Beatles and Spiritualized.

By the time ‘Stumble and Fall (It’s Alright)’ came around, I realized that I’ve stumbled and fallen through this life quite often, and it truly has been alright. Thanks for the assemblage Anthony, you’ve opened another door I won’t be closing for a long time.

Jenell Kesler

black sand – ‘Fragments of Time’ (2023)

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