‘Venice’ (Andrey Azizov Remix) by The Lighthouse And The Whaler | New EP Coming This Spring

Uncategorized April 27, 2023

‘Venice’ (Andrey Azizov Remix) by The Lighthouse And The Whaler | New EP Coming This Spring

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Venice,’ by The Lighthouse And The Whaler, remixed by Andrey Azizov.

Cleveland-born rock band The Lighthouse And The Whaler is back with a remix of their highly acclaimed 2012 track ‘Venice’ (taken off their LP out the same year, ‘This Is An Adventure’). The remix, helmed by Andrey Azizov, was originally released on SoundCloud 7 years ago, and is now finding new life.

Wrote the band of the remix: “‘Venice’ is a song that really took on a life of its own after we released it. It remains one of my favorite songs we’ve ever made and even after all these years we’re still finding remixes of it that are amazing. We thought it would be fun, and a little bit of nostalgia for us, to release another remix of the song to the world!”

Andrey Azizov continued: “This was the first remix I ever put out on Soundcloud, with 0 promo or expectations. It came as I was in jeopardy of being a college dropout and taking summer classes. I was in my summer dorm mixing on cheap Skull Candy headphones, listening to early Soundcloud influenced trap and EDM but trying to go for a more melodic sound that would mesh with the catchy indie pop melodies from the original song. Sped up out of necessity to trick the Soundcloud copyright flagging mechanism, it took on an ethereal and high energy tone that feels like summer and adventuring. The song organically received millions of streams, comments, and reposts which was the most pivotal signal in my creative life, and essentially the genesis of my journey that I’m still on 7 years later.”

Andrey Azizov’s remix of The Lighthouse And The Whaler’s ‘Venice’ is out now via all DSPs.

Headline photo: Alexis Grapentien

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