‘The Vale of Rest’ by Nero Kane | New Album, ‘Of Knowledge and Revelation’

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‘The Vale of Rest’ by Nero Kane | New Album, ‘Of Knowledge and Revelation’

Psych dark folk artist Nero Kane shares the music video ‘The Vale of Rest’ from his album ‘Of Knowledge and Revelation’.

‘The Vale of Rest’ is the third single from the album ‘Of Knowledge and Revelation’ by psych dark folk songwriter Nero Kane released last September on double vinyl and CD by Italian experimental label Subsound Records. The album achieved amazing Italian and international reviews, was included among the best record releases of 2022 and described as a twilight, cathartic, ritualistic journey dense with melancholic beauty and carnal sacredness, solidifying a unique style and personality. Nero Kane’s live performances have been described as shamanic, hypnotic and intense. Echoes of Swans, Nick Cave, Velvet Underground, Johnny Cash and Nico, thanks to the well-established collaboration with Samantha Stella, whose vocals have often been juxtaposed with the evocative and solemn tones of the German avant-garde icon, are mixed with the Swedish Cold Meat Industry sound to create a kind of neo-expressionist pagan chant.

In Nero Kane’s own words, “‘The Vale of Rest’ is the non-place where the soul gets lost and wanders, a kind of Limbo inhabited by other souls, other voices and their sighs, the final landing place waiting for the longed-for light that may never come.”

The video is the third episode from the short film directed by Stella for the launch of the album, following the previous ‘Lady of Sorrow’ and ‘Burn the Faith’: an oniric, circular journey between the Dantean circles in The Divine Comedy, depicted in Gustave Doré’s engravings that served as inspiration for the album, Jodorowsky’s mysticism and Lynch’s mystery symbolism. The images linger hauntingly on the preacher Kane’s wandering path through the “dark forest” formed by a blood-red garden of withered, thorny flowers, a recurring motif throughout the episodes.

After a first part of a European and UK tour in the fall of 2022 with dates in major capitals, Nero Kane and Samantha Stella will be on stage together again for a tour of Eastern European cities (including Budapest, Bratislava, Brno and Prague) next April and present at several European festivals. The first date of the year is at Teatro Linguaggicreativi in Milan, where on February 11th they will premiere ‘Tales of Faith, Lunacy and Revelation’ a poetry reading with excerpts from medieval mystic texts, live sonification, songs from the latest albums, and screening of Stella’s experimental films.

14 April 2023 Budapest (HU) A38
15 April 2023 Bratislava (SK) Nová Cvernovka
16 April 2023 Brno (CZ) Kabinet Muz
17 April 2023 Prague (CZ) Palác Akropolis

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‘Lady of Sorrow’ by Nero Kane | New Album, ‘Of Knowledge and Revelation’

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