Shayro | Interview | “Sunshine Flower” | New Album, ‘King Corso’

Uncategorized February 14, 2023

Shayro | Interview | “Sunshine Flower” | New Album, ‘King Corso’

If we’ve collectively learned anything over the past several years, we’ve come to understand just how essential community is to our well-being. We need each other, for the good times and the bad. And Louisville, KY artist Shayro explores the joy of sharing life with dear friends in his newest single ‘Sunshine Flower’.

Aaron Snell, the creative force behind Shayro, grew up playing psych rock and neo-soul. With his band Church Friends, Snell developed a genre known as kush-rock. As the band grew into an artist collective amidst the turmoil of the pandemic, Snell turned his attention towards Shayro. After years of music making, he has a knack for combining rhythmic flows with melodic explorations on the keyboard. And these skills are on full display in ‘Sunshine Flower’.

Between the hypnotic beat and Shayro’s masterful flow, melodies peek out behind every corner. Samples of D’Angelo’s ‘I Found My Smile Again’ as well as all sorts of guitar and keyboard lines help provide a firm foundation for Shayro’s musings on life and friendship. He says, “I’m grateful to the ones who know what it’s about / shout out to the homies let me sleep on the couch.” We all rely on the people around us. “Sunshine Flower” celebrates both leaning on others and being that solid source of comfort for others as well. Shayro also invites TrapKingKai to have a verse on this track, and the two really share a strong creative bond.

Part of what makes art so special is that it gives us a window into the lives of others. And the video for “Sunshine Flower” does just that. Shayro invites us into his world, taking us on a tour of his crib with his friend TrapKingKai. As the two move from room to room, you can really sense the camaraderie. The video, like the song, is a celebration of sharing life with friends. And it doesn’t get more human than that.

Watch the video for ‘Sunshine Flower,’ and stick around for an interview with the artist! 

The video for ‘Sunshine Flower’ is so much fun! And it looked like a lot of fun to make too. Did you really want the video to bring out the theme of friendship in the song?

The ‘Sunshine Flower’ video was a lot of fun to make. Shout out to Chris Carswell for directing, shooting, and editing video. He’s been holding down the hip hop scene in Louisville for a long time. We really didn’t have to think too hard for this. Chris had his shots planned out so that me and TrapKingKai could be in our most natural state. We were just having a good time, that’s what the video is about.

What strain were you and TrapKingKai smoking in the video? The people need to know!

Headband Kush baby. Keep it classic.

‘Sunshine Flower’ is from a forthcoming tape called ‘King Corso’. What can you tell us about the rest of the songs? Are they in the same vein as this single?

The track list of ‘King Corso’ is cohesive, but all the songs have their own distinct feel. This album has some really amazing features. It showcases Louisville artists exclusively, all on beats I made at home. Some of them are more personal and some of them are just about having a good time, but I like to think they all express a strong feeling of the community I have here. If you enjoyed the single I hope you love the whole project. It’s out now on all platforms.

What’s next for you? Where can we find you for the rest of the year?

I guess this is the official announcement, I’m dropping a short four song EP April 15th! On that same night, Church Friends is hosting our first event as a collective. I’ll be performing some songs off both projects with the full band. TrapKingKai and Riley Aaron will also be doing sets with the Church Friends, so if you’re in the area come by.

The rest of the year you’ll see me on a few features from artists in the city and in the collective, some sooner than others. I’ll also be working to put out a few more music videos with songs from ‘King Corso’. The Church Friends will also keep working with new artists and putting on shows for the foreseeable future.

Keep up to date with all of our solo work and events by following @church.friends on Instagram and stream King Corso, out now on all listening platforms.

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