‘What You Want’ (feat. Who Is Raphael Leraux) by The Rosie Varela Project

Uncategorized November 4, 2022

‘What You Want’ (feat. Who Is Raphael Leraux) by The Rosie Varela Project

Exclusive track premiere of ‘What You Want’ (feat. Who Is Raphael Leraux) by The Rosie Varela Project.

Texas’ musical landscape would not be the same without Rosie Varela. Her work in shoegaze band EEP and her own Rosie Varela Project has produced an eclectic variety of sounds over the past several years. And once again, she’s shaking things up with the fantastic new trip-hop influenced single ‘What You Want’ featuring Who Is Raphael Leraux.

Varela knows exactly how to conjure the perfect mood. As she shifts genres, there’s an unmistakable “Varela effect” to each new song. ‘What You Want’ is no different, as she brings her unique approach to hip hop. As synthesizers fade up into a hypnotic groove, Varela’s affected vocals peek out from behind the mix. Her voice remains essential throughout the song. Even during Who Is Raphael Leraux’s fantastic verses, snippets of Varela’s voice surround Leraux’s flow. The song is really divided into two sections, with Varela and Leraux each taking the lead at different times. And the result is a song that keeps the listener glued the entire time.

The song ends with an atmospheric epilogue, allowing the listener to fade back into life with the message of focusing on the here and now. So often, what we need is right in front of us. Varela says, “We’re talking about how often it is that we lose sight of the basics of life – home, family, friends, health – and instead focus on our wants and desires.” These two fantastic artists collaborated to make a song that feels increasingly important in the age of distraction. I’m extremely grateful for this groovy reminder to return to the present. ‘What You Want’ is the song you didn’t know you needed as the year wraps up.

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