‘She’s So Nice’ by Tinted House

Uncategorized September 29, 2022

‘She’s So Nice’ by Tinted House

Exclusive video premiere of ‘She’s So Nice’ by Tinted House.

The video for ‘She’s So nice’, was shot deep in the German countryside on a golf course owned and operated by a mysterious man, known only as “Mr President”. Given free reign of the course and a couple golf carts, the band even found time to get a few lessons in to tighten up their game.

The first of three upcoming singles, ‘She’s So Nice’, vents the never ending pressure to be online and respond immediately to the constant probing and stimuli of the modern world.


Recorded in an old castle, the band threw away several versions of the song before finding what they were looking for, an energetic and raw expression of a feeling most people can relate to.

Tinted House is a five-piece band with members from the USA, UK, and Germany. The sound is one that is both psychedelic and dreamy, with a sly narrative voice paving out a dark, yet tender world.

Headline photo: Robert Rutsch

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