Ross Beattie presents It’s Psychedelic Baby podcast #68 (January)

January 18, 2022

Ross Beattie presents It’s Psychedelic Baby podcast #68 (January)

New podcast by The Night Tripper!


The Mountain Movers- I Wanna See The Sun
Octopus Ride- Things’ll Never Be The Same
Màquina- I Believe
Mink Mussel Creek- They Dated Steadily
Dope Purple- Cosmic Rock Is Not Dead
Faxed Head- Demon’s Chills
Sound Animal- Hold My Knife By The Blade
Low Orbit- Wormhole
Prurient- Cocaine Death
Screaming Bones- Droneship
Vincent Bruckert- Heavy Blankets
The Thin Cherries- Trouble Lights
Dumbo Gets Mad- Plumy Tale
King Khan & Rip Hickie- Last 3 Words

Feel free to submit your music directly to Ross for upcoming podcast at: ross_bt@yahoo.com

Ross Beattie – Poet, hermit, professional drop out – Originally from London now lives in the Highlands of Scotland and produces independent radio programs and podcasts as The Night Tripper.

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  1. Vini says:

    Thanks for the night tripping!

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