Timothy Eerie – ‘I Fear The Void Is Waiting For Me’/’Acid Lake’ (2021)

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Timothy Eerie – ‘I Fear The Void Is Waiting For Me’/’Acid Lake’ (2021)

Timothy Eerie is actually a pseudonym for Casey Lerman, who specializes in head music.

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, the multi-dimensional musician has been actively involved in the underground scene for several years now. Having garnered credibility right from the start, Timothy Eerie’s gold star reputation just keeps right on growing. His previous effort – a full-length album called ‘Ritual’ – further boosted his ratings, and he has recently returned to the public eye with a typically brain-twisting single.

Generated by a rush of fleet-footed hard rocking rhythms braided with chugging riffs and insistent drumming, ‘I Fear The Void Is Waiting For Me’ expresses the horrors of a bad trip. Timothy’s authoritive vocals perfectly channels the foreboding feeling of losing control, while a ripping melody proceeds to drive the cut. Wiggy psychedelic shadings pop up in the middle of ‘I Fear The Void Is Waiting For Me’, while a virtual high-five will be awarded to those who guess which Beatles song a lick is lifted from at the end of the number.

The flipside of this intoxicating tune strikes an entirely different pose. Centered upon loud and heavy free-form instrumentation groaning with a touch of jazz inclinations, ‘Acid Lake’ fosters memories of early Led Zeppelin.


A cracking presentation of sound sensations, ‘I Fear The Void Is Waiting For Me’/’Acid Lake’ keenly demonstrates Timothy Eerie’s vision for creating hallucinogenic impressions that are as cool as the original artifacts from the late sixties. So sink your ears into these tracks and indulge in a good freak out!

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Timothy Eerie – ‘I Fear The Void Is Waiting For Me’/’Acid Lake’ (Hypnotic Bridge Records 2021)

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