Timothy Eerie – ‘Ritual’ (2019)

May 5, 2019

Timothy Eerie – ‘Ritual’ (2019)

With far too many psychedelic music fans thinking all that’s necessary is to drift back some hazed-out chords inspired from the mid 60’s, it’s refreshingly intoxicating to hear a dream-laden band such as Timothy Eerie wash from my speakers, laying waste to my listening space, while creating their own shimmering romantic hazed mystique.

Breezing in on an open window, Ritual is delightfully captivating, well crafted and delivered with an essence of breathless believability. Timothy Eerie blossom slowly and effortlessly into your room with light-handed effects, bright ethereal hypnotic fuzzed guitars laced by a ever-present yet understated drumming, all allowing for Casey Lerman’s sonically gentle captivating vocals to roam around in the air like animated fireflies on a warm summer night.

“‘Ritual’ offers up lush soft pillowed couch bound euphoria”

Timothy Eerie (a spacious nod to Timothy Leary) come across as deceptively listenable, delightfully welcoming, elementally nostalgic and charming, like an old key that unlocks new doors, behind which cellophane flowers, tangerine trees and marmalade skies actually do exist. The enticing conceptual popish dreamscape Timothy Eerie build presents itself as being smoothly offhanded, filled with organic rhythmic exuberances and dreamlike wonder, effortlessly managing to explore a visionary path of subtle depth and emotional security.

Wrapped in a warm blanket, Ritual offers up lush soft pillowed couch bound euphoria … as you’ve not yet experience before.

Along with the CD, the vinyl comes in three colours, blue & black smoked, yellow & black smoked, and the gorgeous multi coloured chroma version.

– Jenell Kesler

Timothy EerieRitual (Fat Elvis | Nomad Eel Records, 2019)

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