Last Chance – ‘Timeless Hours’ (2021)

Uncategorized December 27, 2021

Last Chance – ‘Timeless Hours’ (2021)

Ingrid and Jack have stepped out with perhaps their most introspective album to date, an album filled with the defining moments that make bluegrass and folk music what it is today; all while harking back to and incorporating aspects of a bygone era.

There’s a spirit to the music of Last Chance that’s lively and reflective, taking listeners on a personal journey that dances effortlessly between reality and the fever dreams we all keep tucked away in a back pocket … the difference is, these two musicians understand instinctively how to shake out these dreams, dust them off and have them looking like jewels held to the setting sun.


In no way is the music of Jack and Ingrid weighted with needless impersonations, ‘Timeless Hours’ reaches deep down, slaps a mile wide smile across your face, giving you a reason to be alive.

Jenell Kesler

Last Chance – ‘Timeless Hours’ (2021)

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  1. Jack R Scott

    We're Last Chance. "Timeless Hours" is our 5th album, and we're as excited about it as if it were our first. Thanks to Janell Kesler for an articulate and exceptional review. Give us a listen on Bandcamp.

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