Dodson and Fogg – ‘When the Night Draws Near’ (2021)

Uncategorized October 27, 2021

Dodson and Fogg – ‘When the Night Draws Near’ (2021)

Our old friend Dodson and Fogg (aka Chris Wade)’s fourth release this year (including a rarities disc) comprises 16 minutes of funky, rocking, bluesy swaggers full of tasty guitar licks and thought-provoking, topical lyrics.

‘It Ain’t Up To Me’ is a shuffling, nimble-fingered, Eric Clapton-via-JJ Cale-styled toe-tapper while ‘Take A Look At The Sky’ steps back for some cloud-gazing hammock-swaying with Neil Young and Julian Cope passing the bong around the backyard fire pit.


Closing out with the ruminative instrumental ‘Magic’, Wade delivers another winner that encompasses several styles with equal skill and imagination.

Jeff Penczak

Dodson and Fogg – ‘When The Night Draws Near’ EP (Released on Wisdom Twins/October 2021)

Dodson and Fogg | Chris Wade | Interview

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