‘Streamline Of Our Days’ / ‘All My Walls’ 7″ by Laguna | “Daydreamy duo”

Uncategorized September 17, 2021

‘Streamline Of Our Days’ / ‘All My Walls’ 7″ by Laguna | “Daydreamy duo”

Exclusive premiere of ‘Streamline Of Our Days’ / ‘All My Walls’ 7″ by Laguna.

Laguna was created as a result of physical and temporary separation with the initial idea in mind to replicate a certain feeling of the past in order to keep track of a golden future. The name of the two-piece is inspired by a road trip through California and beyond back in 2018.

Musically speaking, the duo captures a vague feeling somewhere between precautious melancholy and daydreamy enthusiasm that, again, not only defines the undertone of the sunny state in the South but also describes their time being separated from each other. After all, the project is the final achievement of a temporary, collective process as part of a non-temporary, loving relationship. Laguna has never been an option but a necessity.

Being only two people in the band we recorded as much live as possible, meaning that the basic guitar tracks and both vocals + piano (on ‘Streamline’) were recorded live. Overdubs: guitar harmony solo on ‘All My Walls’, third vocal harmony & guitar harmony on ‘Streamline…’. Lukas Götzenberger

The vinyl version is limited to 170 pieces and includes a download code and 1 of 13 different hand-numbered 35mm-photos taken during the recording process. 7″ vinyl pre-order here!

Laguna Instagram / Bandcamp

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