The Resonars – ‘Gold To Blue’ & ‘Little Grey Men’/’Bold Marauder’ (2021)

August 8, 2021

The Resonars – ‘Gold To Blue’ & ‘Little Grey Men’/’Bold Marauder’ (2021)

Led by singer, songwriter and multi-faceted instrumentalist Matt Rendon, the Resonars emerged in the late nineties and have since held ground as one of the most exciting and accomplished acts sailing the scene.

Stationed in Tucson, Arizona, the band’s recent venture, ‘Gold To Blue’ & ‘Little Grey Men’ backed by ‘Bold Marauder’ is a three track EP set to further seal their regal reputation as purveyors of prime sixties sounds.

Constructed of springy rhythms, punchy melodies and jubiliant harmonies, ‘Gold To Blue’ combines the good time pop rock feel of the Lovin’ Spoonful with the psychedelized country sensibilities of the Byrds to perfected pairing. Taking tips from the Who, ‘Little Grey Men’ sizzles with power and energy to an oscillating display of restless riffs and stimulating hooks and breaks.

While both these cuts demonstrate Matt’s flair for composing, arranging and performing material that reactivates vintage values without nixing originality at his own expense, ‘Bold Marauder’ exposes a talent in the cover department in an equally daring fashion. Initially recorded by Richard Farina in 1965, the socially-conscious folk essay is given a fierce San Francisco flavored acid rock treatment in the hands of the Resonars. Stacked with commanding vocals, seething guitars and an air of purpose and conviction, the spellbinding piece examines the band scaling amazing heights on all counts.

Presented in a groovy picture sleeve synonymous with Hypnotic Bridge’s quality taste, here’s a trio of tunes that not only have something meaningful to say, but also possess plenty of sonic appeal. The Resonars always aim to please, and this effort proves to be no exception.

Beverly Paterson

The Resonars – ‘Gold To Blue’ & ‘Little Grey Men’/’Bold Marauder’ (Hypnotic Bridge Records 2021)

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