‘Jam With Mario’ by Ananda Mida

June 11, 2021

‘Jam With Mario’ by Ananda Mida

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Jam With Mario’ taken from ‘Karnak’ EP, due Friday June 25th, 2021 via Go Down Records.

‘Karnak’ is an EP packed with three magical tracks, a release that bears witness to the unfettered and spiced up attitude of improvisations, that has constantly distinguished the band’s live activity.

Featuring an unreleased instrumental track (‘Anulios’), a live jam with iconic Mario Lalli (Yawning Man & Fatso Jetson), and the legendary opening track of ‘Cathodnatius’ (‘The Pilot’), this EP will – without any doubt – please all fans of the psychedelic genre.

August 2018. The first date of Yawning Man’s Italian tour was staged at the internationally known Teatro delle Voci in Treviso. Mario Lalli has been instantly surprised by the refined instrumentation and immediately wanted to visit its astonishing variety and huge entirety. That evening both performances were recorded, including the final two jams, in which Ananda Mida and Yawning Man mixed the lineups. “Jam with Mario” is proof of this. Many other exciting episodes took place during that tour from North to South of Italy, demonstrating the magical atmosphere that accompanied us that Summer.” Ananda Mida states.

‘Karnak’ drops June 25 on Go Down Records and is available for pre-order on vinyl or digital here!

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