Clara Lissens

April 18, 2021

Clara Lissens

Fortune teller and partly a fool, Clara Lissens makes her first pop record.

“Everyday life”

Clara Lissens: Making music is, in addition to being about experimentation, a very personal process to me. There’s a therapeutic quality to it and it has become an important medium for me to express myself. The songs I make are often closely linked to things that happen in my everyday life. They’re not always a literal translation of the events, but rather a way of processing them. With the ‘Diviner’ EP I tried to expose this process in a way. A recurrent theme in my visual practice is the search for meaning, both on a personal and general level. I like to reflect on all the ways people try to give meaning to their lives. Faith is one of those ways. To give meaning to life, it’s often required to be offered answers and to be able to believe those answers. A fortune teller for instance can offer answers with the help of Tarot cards. ‘Diviner’ literally means fortune teller and the titles of the songs are names of specific Tarot cards. Even though every Tarot card represents a prediction for the future, the songs are the result of events of the past. Events which weren’t predicted that is.


Who’s “The Hermit” and who’s “The Fool” in the songs with those names?

I prefer to keep to myself which people are actually represented by “The Hermit” or “The Fool” for now, but “The Fool” is definitely partly me.

“My creative process is very intuitive”

Why is this “just” an EP, and not a full album?

Kraak sent me an e-mail asking if I wanted to make them an EP for their KRUT project. I immediately started working on it enthusiastically. It had to be made in a very short time frame so I was glad that it was going to be a 20 minute EP. This way I could still get the best out of the short time I was given.

Are these tracks recorded at Het Bos, or am I wrong here?

The songs which were recorded at Het Bos are on my previous release, ‘Lilith’.

I have the impression that, with every new release, your music becomes more accessible, that you evolve ever more in the direction of pop.

I’m very glad it comes across this way! I’m trying to look for ways to make my music more accessible to a broader audience while allowing for enough room to experiment. My creative process is very intuitive. I try to impose as little boundaries as possible on myself. I’m inspired by very diverse types of music ranging from pop music and classical music to techno and core. It excites me to look for ways to blend different styles. This might sound a bit Utopian, but by doing so I hope to burst existing bubbles and perhaps even establish new encounters and connections.

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