‘Cobweb’ by Little Wings

February 19, 2021

‘Cobweb’ by Little Wings

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Cobweb’ by indie rockers Little Wings.

Recently, indie squire Little Wings (aka Kyle Field) quietly released the new album ‘Cobweb’, the first in a series of capsules collecting lo-fi, off-the-wall recordings consisting of songs and spoken word. To celebrate the release, a video for the title track ‘Cobweb’ is now premiering on It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine. Kyle’s music explores themes of loneliness and togetherness with oneself, others, and nature; these songs attempt to capture through poetry the interconnectedness of life and human beings.

Kyle’s insight on the album/video:
Growing up in rural Mississippi in the 1970s, I had allergies for the first five years of my life. We didn’t know until we moved west that it was probably due to the aerial crop spraying that they were doing. I was constantly sick and had a runny nose for the first five years of my life and had to go to the hospital to get a shot every week for these allergies. These beatnik style song poems are me clearing out dark corners from the distant past and holding them in the sunlight of now like Queen Ann’s Lace to examine their complex and fragile beauty. The west coast cleared my allergies in 1977.


Field obtained the footage for the video by duct taping his dad’s VHS recorder to the retired “Black Grass/LAST” parlor style Giannini guitar and trespassed on a property in a canyon in LA county. “I had to drive to the San Fernando Valley to get a VHS transfer executed at the only place I could find which mostly specialized in repairing toasters in vacuum cleaners.

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