‘Liberate You’ by Baits

January 14, 2021

‘Liberate You’ by Baits

Exclusive premier of ‘Liberate You’ by energetic Baits.

Baits are caught between all the stools of catchy rock: sometimes dominated by a sunny version of grunge, sometimes by eerie psych tones, occasionally it’s Motowny, Beach Boysey or more frequently straight punk at the heart there’s always a (pop) song and a story.


So far two completely self produced EPs have been released, and they have made a name for themselves by playing passionate and excessive concerts all over Europe in the last two years. They’re currently polishing their first full length record due to be released early in 2021 on Numavi Records.

Heavy energetic drums, a dynamic raspy voice, quirky but solid bass riffs and high speed guitar solos make this beach grunge indie gang a must see.

Baits Instagram / Bandcamp
Numavi Records Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Bandcamp /

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  1. David Moratilla

    Geniales!!! Grandes Baits. Os esperamos en España. Cuidaros. ❤🎸🤘

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