‘What’s Your Damage?’ by Total Rubbish

October 16, 2020

‘What’s Your Damage?’ by Total Rubbish

Exclusive video premiere of ‘What’s Your Damage?’ by an all-female trio from Philadelphia, Total Rubbish.

“He’s hot…then cold. He’s into it… then out of it. Have you ever been in the most confusing relationship of your life? Mix that with a little bit of angst from 1989’s “Heathers” and you have yourself a song.”

Total Rubbish is an all-female trio from Philadelphia. Inspired by disappointing relationships, new beginnings, odd-end jobs, and their Chicago & California garage rock roots, Total Rubbish gives you a guitar-heavy wall of sound with soft, melodic vocals. The band pulls their influence from their heroes, The Dandy Warhols, Veruca Salt, & the Velvet Underground, and blends the sounds of the ’90s with their own modern take. The band signed to Born Losers Records during the pandemic of 2020 for the release of their first EP, “Triple Negative” (produced by Nick Bassett of Nothing/Whirr/Deafheaven).

Total Rubbish by Caro Ramirez

Total Rubbish is Bre Steinfeldt on Bass, Cass Nguyen on Guitar, and Kiki Schiller on drums.

‘Triple Negative’ is out 11/20/20 on Born Losers Records.

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