October 22, 2020


‘Aftelrijmpje / Warabe-Uta / Canción Infantil / Abzählvers’ is a demented 4 track hiphop EP by Drywud. It’s the first release of Krut Records.

“You have to do it even if it is bad”

Who is your hero?

Tommy Wright III.


Another hero is Fils du Béton aka 76OS. He’s a French rapper and producer who put out a lot of mixtapes… not all good though … I don’t listen to his work that often these days but I listened to his projects ‘Prélude à National’ a lot at the time. What he does in his songs is storytelling. He creates cinematographic atmospheres with his instrumentals. These mixtapes were supposed to give birth to an album called ‘National’, but he realised he already said it all in his mixtapes so he never released the album.

What are you listening to now?

Right now I’m listening to Loup Uberto… thanks to you.

Hmmm, I listen to my hard drive on shuffle sometimes. I got a lot of US underground gangsta rap from the 90s and 2000s. I like to dig through it for weird productions or for singing. I also like dancehall beats and american folk music, and noise or my friends’ music. I listen to all genres but I think I’m very picky.

“I feel like my music is better with a part of improvisation.”

I have the impression that you’re still looking for your own style, as if your music still is ‘work in progress’. And I see that as something positive. Should the music of an artist always stay ‘work in progress’?

I can’t say ‘the music of an artist should always stay or be like this or like that’ but I get bored finishing or polishing something after a while.

I feel like after trying a thousand things on a DAW like Ableton you often don’t know what is good or bad anymore. I have to say I listened to a lot of rap for a long time. And I was always disappointed by albums by rappers who used to put out a very good mixtape, and then one day put out an album and it’s all clean and you’ve lost the whole flavor of its music and energy.

I feel like my music is better with a part of improvisation. If I tried to perfect my songs at every concert it would not be so good. It would be boring for me anyway.


What I enjoy about this EP is that it sounds as if it’s made very intuitively, with not much thinking. Again: I see that as something positive. I mean: they say “think before you act”. But your music, and especially your lyrics, sound as if you act before you think.

Well yeah I guess I try different things, singing and recording. And then I keep the best take. I think a lil bit before doing it I guess but it’s more like I found these lyrics that I like and I try to sing them over the beats and see if it can fit. But yeah I like to listen to what I have recorded and laugh about the mistakes I made. Even while mixing on Ableton I sometimes like to keep some errors or mistakes that sound interesting or fun.

I used to be paralyzed and not doing any music because I wanted to do something perfect, and one day I realized you have to do it even if it is bad. Otherwise you will never do any music. Often I have an idea in my head but along the way it changes and I think: “ok, it’s not what I wanted to do but it is good like this”.

Your lyrics on this EP are in Dutch, Japanese, Spanish and German.

I just thought it would be fun to sing in those languages, and learn a lil bit at the same time. And I got the idea of singing only nursery rhyme lyrics because I had little time to finish the EP.

Is it true that you wouldn’t have made this EP if Krut wouldn’t have asked you?

Yes, the deadline was really motivating.

I had the instrumentals done for some time. I was using them live with different lyrics. You know, I don’t like to do the same live set all the time because that is boring. When Krut asked me for this EP I thought: “ok I need to rap or sing over these beats but I don’t have brand new lyrics of my own so I’m gonna sing nursery rhymes in various languages. That is gonna be fun”.

Joeri Bruyninckx

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