‘What You Love Will Kill You’ by Helicon

December 18, 2019

‘What You Love Will Kill You’ by Helicon

Glasgow psych-rock band announce second album. Due for release January 24th via Fuzz Club.

Glaswegian psychedelic heavyweights Helicon are today announcing their second album, the aptly-titled This Can Only Lead to Chaos, and are now sharing the suitably mind-altering first cut ‘What You Love Will Kill You.’ Arriving January 24th via Fuzz Club, the new record follows on from their 2017 self-titled debut and a recent three-track Zero Fucks EP, released earlier this year. Described as a “cautionary tale on the pursuit of excess” the single, out today, is inspired by the esoteric Thelema philosophy developed by Aleister Crowley; perfectly hinting at the sort of far-out hedonism we can expect from the new record.

Pre-order available HERE!

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