Ross Beattie presents It’s Psychedelic Baby podcast #39 (August)

August 15, 2019

Ross Beattie presents It’s Psychedelic Baby podcast #39 (August)

The Ramones- 7 And 7 Is
Plastic Crimewave Sound- (I Am) Planet Crushing
C.A. Quintet- Bayou Jam
Frozen Planet…. 1969- Sunset Variations
Shellac- Dog And Pony Show
White Manna- We Pretend Space Isn’t There
The Last Electro- Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble- Waltz for Woody
Slift- Le Planète Inexplorée
Automatism- Journey Into Satchidananda
Kalacakra- Arapaho’s Circle Dance
People Like Us- Dolly Pardon
Yawning Man- Melancholy Sadie
Daevid Allen- The Voice Of Om
Loudhailer Electric Company- Morpheus

Feel free to submit your music directly to Ross for upcoming podcast at: ross_bt@yahoo.com
Ross Beattie – Poet, hermit, professional drop out – Originally from London now lives in the Highlands of Scotland and produces independent radio programs and podcasts as The Night Tripper.

  1. The Triumph of the Thrill

    More laidback and eclectic this time around, good stuff as always.

  2. Loudhailer Electric Company

    Great listening, cool spacey sounds and flow, thanks!

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