‘Phantom Stranger’ b/w ‘Redundant Beach’ by The Laissez Fairs

May 8, 2019

‘Phantom Stranger’ b/w ‘Redundant Beach’ by The Laissez Fairs

Maximum Mod Psych from Las Vegas since 2014. John Fallon and Joe Lawless craft the songs with a cracking network of players in the studio that includes Cromm Fallon and Aaron Archer.

John Fallon and Joe Lawless…the team…the dream…singers, songwriters…multi-instrumentalists, record producers…for the love of it…for the art of it…that is why. Cromm Fallon and Aaron Archer are there, as well, making it all happen. Yes, John was in The Steppes and that was a golden moment…but that was then and this is very now…thanks to Joe Lawless and his magic studio.

This is but half of the equation. The Laissez Fairs are an explosive live band…the sound of a psychedelic pressure cooker set on 11…colours everywhere…pretty and hard.

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