Telestrion – “Blazing In The Sky” (2018) review

August 21, 2018

Telestrion – “Blazing In The Sky” (2018) review

Telestrion – Blazing In The Sky (2018)
Telestrion, a stoner psych band based in Atlanta, has an album out, and it is called Blazing In The Sky. This record has psych, funk, stoner, and many other influences peppered throughout it, none of which is overused, or used badly at all.

“The Peak” has a huge groove that begins as soon as the song begins. The riff is just a groove heavy mother that bounces the song forward, and the vocal work is stunning! “Manifestations” has a doom feel, which just adds to the list of things that this band is able to create. The riff is slow, catchy, and the overall tone of this track is heavy. Once the guitar solo hits you will be in guitar Valhalla, it is an expertly played lead, and fits this song perfectly! “Blazing In The Sky” comes in at full power, with a riff that is quick, and full of movement. The vocals have a different sound than the previous tracks, and I personally love how they sound. The chorus is huge and infectious, adding such a great vibe to the track! “Out In The Hills” has a stoner metal riff, with psych vocals over the top of it; there is plenty of groove in this one too. The changes are well thought out, and perfect for the track. The lead is awesome, and the main riff underneath has added a wah pedal for added texture. Definitely a cool track! This album is excellent from start to finish. It is a bit long (because it is a double album), so plan out the time to check it out; it is very worth the time it takes to get through it! It is available now, so check your normal outlets for this killer album! Enjoy!!!

– Tom Hanno
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  1. The Triumph of the Thrill

    More Stoner goodies from "It's Psychedelic Baby". :-)

  2. Anonymous

    Just received my vinyl copy today! Can’t wait to dive in with headphones!!!
    I’m actually an alumni of the band who moved out of town in 2011 but was able to be part of their las album “Molecule”
    I wasn’t a part of this album, but I still love their grooves and playing and we’re all still good friends.
    Long live Telestrion!
    Thanks for the great review!

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